Vimatic Automation specializes in the implementation of complete solutions in industrial automation:

Main activities:
Vimatic Automation designs, manufactures and installs industrial control systems for a wide range of applications both at home and abroad.

Our solutions are based on state-of-the-art PLC systems technology, often extended with a PC solution for monitoring, logistics, etc. We work with individual solutions based on the customer’s project specification.

Vimatic Automation has more than 20 years experience in implementing industrial control systems, and has built up an organization staffed by a highly qualified and experienced team, thus ensuring a well-structured and well-designed project phase.

A customer-centered approach:
We place great emphasis on project work carried out in close cooperation with our customers. Mutual trust and loyalty throughout the project phase help to ensure the high quality of the final delivery. To ensure an optimum project, we work on the philosophy that the employees involved in the project start-up will also work on the final acceptance and approval by the end customer.

Everything in-house:
All project activities are undertaken by our employees in-house. This ensures great flexibility and high efficiency in the project phase.

Focus on quality:
We attach great importance to ensuring that our solutions meet our customers’ expectations. We consequently spend a lot of time – from the start and throughout the entire course of the project – to ensure that our solutions comply with the specifications on which the project is based. At the end of every project, we prepare comprehensive documentation for all the hardware and software involved.


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