The technical development requires knowledge and insight when the optimal solution must be found for a particular project. Vimatic Automation carries out consultancy where the objective is to define the optimal solution both technically and economically on a given task.

Our experienced engineers ensure that our solutions are of a high technical standard and are easily implemented. An advisory assignment typically ends with the preparation of a detailed proposal.

In our hardware design department, we carry out the design and development work which forms the basis for the production of the entire control system, including building cabinets and electrical installation works. Rigorous monitoring throughout the whole course of the project ensures that the delivery time and technical specifications are met. The hardware design work is done mainly on the E-PLAN or El-CAD design systems.

Vimatic Automation develops industrial software for a range of PLC systems, including Siemens S7, Mitsubishi, Lenze and others. We implement PLC systems for many different tasks, such as:

  • Process Installations
  • Material Handling
  • Special machines
  • Communication
  • ID-systems
  • Servo systems
  • OP panels
Monitoring and supervision systems
We also develop PC-based supervision and logistics systems in our software department. These systems are typically based on Wonderware InTouch, Siemens WinCC etc.
Panel manufacturing
We produce customized panels, mostly based on PLC technology, in our panel manufacturing workshops located directly adjacent to our design department.

All panels are tested and CE marked before leaving our workshops.

As an alternative to our own panel workshops, our electric panels are also manufactured by a quality subcontractor in Poland.

At project completion, we implement the final hardware and software documentation. Good documentation is the foundation for effective service.

We often produce documentation on the basis of the customerís own specifications with regard to its structure and content.

After a project has been delivered to the customer, we offer to set up a service agreement to ensure the future stable operation of the plant. This agreement is set out individually on the basis of the customerís needs and requirements.